vendredi 10 août 2012

For I am shot and bleeding...

Oh Brother Green, please come to me
For I am shot and bleeding
Dear brother, stay, and put me away
And write my love a letter
Tell her I know she's prayed for me
And now her prayers are answered
That I might be prepared to die
If I should fall in battle

The Northern foe has laid me low
On this cold ground to suffer
And now to heaven I will fly
To see my dear old mother

Go tell my love she must not grieve
Go kiss my little sisters
For they will call their brother in vain
When he is up in heaven

I have one brother in this wide world
He's fighting for the Union
But oh, dear love, I've lost my life
And I shall die a Southern

My darlin' girl, I love her well
Oh could I once more see her
That I might give a sweet farewell
And meet again in heaven

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